Welcome to Oral Care TechnologiesAt Oral Care Technologies, we pride ourselves on our passion. Our passion for better dental health. Our passion for offering the best preventative care products available in dentistry today. Our passion for taking care of our dental office partners and their patients. Our passion for always doing the right thing for our customers, always. And our passion for our employees. We know that if we treat them right, they will treat you right.

Our success is a direct result of the high quality products that we introduce to the market, and the industry-recognized service that we provide all of our customers. Our patented HydroFloss® Oral Irrigator is clinically proven to out-perform other oral irrigators offered in the marketplace today. Our FLIX “In-Between” sticks are considered one of the most unique Interdental products available to individuals without a prescription. It is so unique, it boasts a worldwide patent.

We invite you to review all of the products that we have available to provide for better overall oral health At Oral Care Technologies Inc. We provide…

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